1984-2000 "Gone But Not Forgotten"

The Book

Well folks, I have to say, the past year has gone by fast and though I’d like to report lots of work being done on the book, that is not the case.  I’ve received a great interview via thumb drive by Don Egley with a few others that were involved in Lulu’s Roadhouse and there was some great stories and information.  I’ve had a chance to go through some of it.  I’ve also gone through some of my older emails that contain stories from some of those that went to Lulu’s or were part of it’s daily operation.  That being said, I’m still looking for more stories and photo’s.  I’d like the book to be well-rounded with lots of stories and photo’s if possible.  The book will be non-profit in the hopes that the newspaper formally known as the K-W Record and now known as the Waterloo Region Record will allow me to use many of the articles that they wrote about Lulu’s Roadhouse.  As a profit book, I’ve been advised that I cannot use the articles.  Where and how the profits are distributed are still being decided but they will definitely go towards the music and arts scene in the Waterloo Region.

I’ve also been working on acquiring the Lulu’s Roadhouse trade mark.  This process started in April 2013 and is still in the process today.  It has been opposed by a clothing company in the US but I am continuing the fight to register this important trade mark for the book amongst other things.

I have a couple weeks off coming up and plan to sit down and organize some of the photo’s and stories I’ve received so far.

If you know someone who was part of the Lulu’s Roadhouse crew or customers that attended the many great shows there let them know that stories and photo’s are needed.  Everyone gets full credit in the book for the stories and photo’s they submit!!!

Hope everyone is having a great spring….summer is around the corner!


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